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Importance of Engine RPM in Motorcycle

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Importance of engine rpm in a motorcycle, The difference in engine RPM for a ride plays a major role in ride comfort as well as the toll it takes on the bike and its engine. So let us examine the importance of engine rpm in a motorcycle and see how it affects our riding.

What is engine rpm?

RPM is an abbreviation for rotations/rotations per minute. It is the rotational motion of the engine crank shaft which is providing power to the rear wheel through the gearbox. The rotation of the crankshaft drives the gears which translate into motion for the engine.

The higher the rotational speed of the crankshaft, the higher the RPM of the engine and the higher the speed of the bike. As the engine rpm increases, so does the fuel consumption of the bike. When we shift gears, the speed of the bike increases due to the larger gear which results in a drop in engine RPM and hence fuel consumption, but the torque level decreases.

Importance of Engine RPM

Higher engine RPM results in a faster ride, but a higher vibration ride which is definitely going to affect your comfort by making your legs, back and arms go numb. It is always better to ride a bike in a moderate RPM range for a smooth ride. Lower the RPM of the bike, you get better comfort and also you can get higher fuel efficiency from the bike.

Higher engine rpm results in increased stress on the bike which can be dangerous for the engine and the bike in the long run. It is always safe to ride the bike at high RPM only for a limited period of time. Otherwise, engine oil wears out and engine life is reduced at a faster rate.

Impact on performance

While we know the effect of engine RPM on the bike and your ride and performance, make sure you take good care of your motorcycle and always run it in a comfortable RPM zone to get the best out of your bike and that too for a longer period of time

Controlling your engine rpm

Thrashing your bike at high RPM all the time gives you short term satisfaction but ends up being a capital intensive affair in terms of increased maintenance of the bike. The ideal RPM for a bike to cruise is always half the RPM at which your bike makes peak torque and peak power. It also helps in getting the most fuel economy out of the bike. This also

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