We all Indians are proud of the Republic

We all Indians are proud of the Republic

We all Indians are proud of the Republic of India.  The pride is also because we have our own constitution and we all are under the ambit of the constitution of the Republic of India, which allows us to perform our duty to protect our rights.

The Republic of India includes many languages, many costumes and many cultures.  Despite all these inclusions, we are all one and stand together in the Republic of India.  It is not that India became a republic on January 26, 1950, but the first republic in Indian history was incorporated by King Bharat, after whom our country was named India, when he gave the rights of his son to Bhimanyu.  Was and established the first democracy in India.

We all Indians are proud of the Republic

Our country is a democratic country where we have the right to choose our leader and prime minister.  Because India’s strength lies in the common people whom we all elect together for our development, our defense and our freedom.  It is believed that the tradition of republics started with the city states of Greece, but many republics had been established in India thousands of years before them.  His administration was very firm and the people were happy.

The word Gana means number or group.  The literal meaning of Republic or Republic is the rule of numbers i.e. majority.  The word is used forty times in the Rigveda, nine times in the Atharvaveda and several times in the Puranas.  There this experiment has been done only in the modern sense of democracy and republic.  It is known from the mentions made at various places in the Vedic literature that in that period we had a republican system in most of the places.  Independent words like Gana and Sangha with democratic identity started being used in India about two and a half thousand years ago.

India is a republic because it has a democratic government and the president is elected for a fixed term.  The tenure of the President in India is five years.  Today there are 90 countries in the world where there are republican governments.  Republic, democracy or democracy is that system of governance where in reality the governance runs according to the will of the general public or the majority of the public.  Most of the countries of the world are republic as well as democracy.  India is the largest democratic republic in the world because it has a majority government elected by the people, by the people and for the people.

Come, on the occasion of 74th Republic Day of India, let us all take a pledge of unity, brotherhood and brotherhood and stand united and wish India all the best in India’s development.  And say O India, you are always standing in the front line united by unity, integrity and brotherhood on the world stage, in which we all stand under one roof.  Long live India .  Jai Bharat.  Jai HIND, Vande Matram…

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