Harley-Davidson Adaptive Ride Height

Harley-Davidson Adaptive Ride Height

Harley-Davidson Adaptive Ride Height (ARH) feature for the all-new Pan America 1250 Special can automatically shift the motorcycle between a low stalled position and a pre-set rolling ride height. You can lower the seat height by 1 to 2 inches. Lower total sway is determined by an automatically selectable pre-load of the rear shock to change ride height on the go. ARH doesn’t affect suspension travel or ride quality.

The premise is simple, ride as usual and the bike maintains its ride height and an unaltered ground clearance of 175mm. Unladen seat height is 890mm, a number on a spec sheet that has a rider my size mentally looking for a curb to pull beside. But this may not be a problem on the Pan America Special model as coming to a stop it lowers to a very friendly 855mm.

Both the versions of the Harley-Davidson Pan America feature very tasty suspension set-ups. Both models have 190mm of travel up front and the stock bike has compression, rebound and spring preload adjustability. While the Special gets funky electronically adjustable semi-active damping control units at the front and rear.

Harley-Davidson Adaptive Ride Height ARH – Settings

Auto mode

This is likely to be the setting most riders use most of the time. You have fitted the system so it is probably because you need it. Depending on how aggressive the braking event is, Auto mode determines how quickly the ride height needs to react.

There’s not much else on the Harley micro-site. We fancy for aggressive braking, when the bike comes to a stop very quickly. The system wants to maintain that deceleration. The suspension is fully prepared when the machine is turned off.

Short delay and long delay

Delay function would mean that the lowering function is stopped until the bike comes to a complete stop. This can be an advantage when riding off-road or on uneven ground. You don’t want to be pooling along bumpy lanes at very low speeds and then have the bike take over on you.


The ARH also has a lock feature that will maintain the overall ride height of the bike whether it is moving or not. Handy for taller riders, or those capable and confident of riding a big-bore adventure bike in its natural habitat.

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