Yamaha MT-10 SP Ready for the Road

Yamaha MT-10 SP Ready

Yamaha MT-10 SP Ready for the Road By modern standards, the MT-10 lacked brakes. It was time for an update, which is why Yamaha introduced an all-new MT-10 earlier this year for 2022. The unique-sounding engine was never a weak point, but Yamaha has given the MT a little nip-and-tuck.

Peak power has increased to 166 hp at 11,500 rpm, up almost six over the old bike. Torque is also up slightly, from 111 Nm to 112 Nm at the same 9,000 rpm, and Yamaha claims the engine is 15 percent more efficient than before. The main frame/chassis of the Yamaha MT-10 SP remain unchanged. The now “old” Yamaha MT-10 lacked the sophisticated rider aids of the competition, but this has been solved with the implementation of a six-axis IMU, meaning all rider aids are lean-sensitive.

Slide control, traction control, cornering ABS, front wheel lift control, and variable engine brake strategy are integrated into the IMU. An up-down quickshifter comes as standard along with cruise control, speed limiter and four riding modes. As you would expect, these can be tuned to match the rider and conditions and yes, the anti-wheelie can be disabled. It’s all clearly shown through a new 4.2-inch full-color dash.

The premium SP MT takes that technology to another level with next-generation Ohlins electronic suspension. It is the first production bike to get the new Gen-2 system, which offers three semi-active and three manual modes. The SP is equipped with braided brake lines, coupled with the new Brembo radial master cylinder introduced on the standard bike this year. The SP also differs from the standard bike with a three-piece belly cowl and R1 M-inspired colours.

M settings let you electronically change the suspension and then store your choice. There are many advantages to this system, not the least of which is that you can change suspension settings on the go. Nor do you need to be a suspension expert to get the best performance out of a bike, nor do you need to use tools or get your hands dirty to make adjustments. Plus, those three active settings make it almost three bikes in one.

The MT 10’s A-3 mode provides a smooth ride when you just want to smash the miles. Also worth mentioning is the new Bridgestone S22 rubber. It heats up quickly. Inspires confidence. Provides rider feel on the track and on the road. Stays decent even in the wet. The weight of the MT-10 SP is felt during rapid direction changes on the track and on the road. Equally that extra weight gives stability and bigger and taller riders love the mechanical feel of the MT-10 SP. You can guess by looking at all the features Yamaha MT-10 SP ready for road

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