BMW Motorrad presents smartphone cradle for motorcycles and scooters

BMW Motorrad presents smartphone cradle

BMW Motorrad presents the Smartphone Cradle for Motorcycles and Scooters. Almost every bike you see on the streets today has aftermarket cellphone mounts, and leave it to BMW Motorrad to intelligently integrate the nearly ubiquitous device.

The ConnectedRide cradle (above) lets BMW motorcycle owners secure their smartphone high in the pilot’s line of sight for navigation or other functions, and on compatible BMW models, it’s equipped with a grip-mounted multi-controller and BMW ipad to control phone functions. Equipped with iPad. Integrates with Motorrad. Connected App.

The cradle offers both Qi wireless charging or wired voltage via a USB-C connection, and a locking mechanism for security. The cradle is compatible with most BMW models with “Navigation Prep” and is equipped with multi-controllers.

The BMW Smartphone Cradle helps to navigate, make telephone calls, enjoy music and much more – the power of the modern smartphone is proven to make motorcycling and scootering even more comfortable and eventful.

For this reason BMW Motorrad has designed a smartphone cradle that is able to fasten and securely fasten a smartphone up to 5 inches in size to the handlebar clamp for the rider’s readability and handling.

Highlight (BMW Motorrad presents the Smartphone Cradle)

  • Strong smartphone holder with vibration damping and charging facility
    Hard plastic case with viewing window made of flexible low-reflective film, dust-resistant and waterproof (IP67).
  • The smartphone screen is visible and can be easily operated in optimum view of the rider.
  • The cradle rotates 90 degrees and can be adjusted for landscape and portrait formats.
  • Your smartphone can be charged either via micro USB or wirelessly using the Qi standard.
  • Visual display of current fee status.
  • Power supply via motorcycle’s standard OA connector
    Provided with anti-slip, anti-vibration, thermally conductive elastomer base.
  • Display size up to 5 inches, the length and width of the stowage area can be adjusted via rubber adapters, up to 14.3 cm in length, up to 7.3 cm in width, up to 1.1 cm in height.
  • External dimensions are approximately 18x12x5 cm.
  • Weight is 356 grams.
  • Fits all vehicle-specific holders for the BMW Motorrad Navigator.
  • It can be fitted with simple installation.

What exactly is Qi?

Qi is a Wireless Power Consortium standard for wireless energy transfer over short distances using electromagnetic induction. Qi-compatible devices can be charged wirelessly without the need to attach a charging cable. Automatically starts charging when phone is placed on Qi cradle/station

Charging time is only slightly longer than conventional cable-based charging

Power is supplied to the smartphone cradle via the motorcycle’s OA connector
The smartphone cradle is equipped with a Y-cable with 2 connectors, which enables connection to the standard OA connector while leaving another OA connector for additional accessories.

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